5 best books on how to improve English

You must be wondering why do I need to read books to enhance my English? The answer is simple. English is an international language and everyone must know how to write and speak it properly. However, improving your English by reading particular books for English is quite boring. On the other hand, reading storybooks or other engaging content to improve English is definitely enjoyable. But how to find the best books to learn English in this joyful manner. Don’t worry, we are here for you.

 In this post, we’ll suggest you five books that you need to learn English. Moreover, at the end of the post, you will get a bonus book that will enhance your English grammar. So, let’s get started.

Best book to learn English

This book is for basic English. The Kite Runner is a novel based on a true story. It’s a story of two boys that how they were separated by war. The way Khaled Hosseini has written the book you will actually feel the incidents happening in life in front of your eyes. This book is for basic English words because the sentence structure used in this book is very easy. So, if you are new to the industry of book reading, this book is the best choice. You can start from today.

The Four Agreements is for an intermediate level of English. So, let’s find out what’s inside this book.

In this book, you will find four fundamental rules that you would need to enhance your life. By reading this book you are not just enhancing your English but you are actually enhancing your life. So, if you see you have four agreements be impeccable with your words, similarly, there are four agreements throughout the book. 

So, you can start by reading one at a time. This book will actually help you to give a boost in your life. Indeed, this book is my personal favorite. The reason behind that is the chapters of this book are very short. If you start reading today, you can actually finish this book in the time period of like 10 days. But remember every day for half an hour is mandatory.

It is for an intermediate level of English. In this post, we have given you two names for the intermediate level. The one which we have shown you earlier and the second is The Alchemist. The Alchemist is an interesting story. To know more about the book, we have to go inside. So, let’s find out.

The Alchemist is a novel which is about a Chi or about a boy who wanders in the desert and he tries to find out his dream. So, he does everything. He needs to do to fulfill his dream that the help of other people as well. Another interesting fact about this book is there is a movie that has been based on it. So, if you have finished reading, you can actually watch the movie and understand how this boy fulfills by doing what is required. The book is a storybook so that actually helps you to understand it much better. If you are wondering how can I dance my writing skills, then this is the book. You should pick it today because the use of the words and the sentence structure are really beyond everything. So, read this book right now.

This is for advanced-level readers. Remember, this is an advanced level book because the words and the sentence structure and the way of storytelling are really remarkable. So, if you’re looking for something advanced, pick this book. But you must be wondering what do I exactly get from this book. Let’s find out.

We all know who Steve Jobs was and what happens in his life. How he made Apple a huge success. What were the incidents that motivated him to take the steps he has taken? So, this book is a biography which will have all the life to certain he has taken. All the inventions he has done so.

If you are a huge fan of Apple iPhones or Mac books and stuff like that, then this is the book you should read. It’s one of my favorite books. Furthermore, this book has multiple photos in this. So, you can actually feel the life connection with Steve Jobs. In addition to this, there is a movie that is based on Steve Jobs’s life. So once you finish this you can watch that.

While reading this book, you can actually feel that he’s right there, he’s working. How he might have done these inventions? So, this is a perfect book if you want to know more about Steve Jobs. Moreover, the interesting part of this book and some of the books that we have mentioned is that we have movies based on them. Movies actually make your learning much easier. So, once you finish reading do not forget to watch the movies as well.

Remember, this is the combination of two books. Furthermore, this book is for advanced-level readers. The words, the sentence structure, and the way of storytelling were completely marvelous. So, if you are at the advanced level of English then try this. But before you try I want to tell you what’s inside the book. let’s get started.

 It has two volumes as I already mentioned. Volume 1 and Volume 2. It’s the complete novel and story of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes, you might be aware that he was a detective or a fictional character created as a detective. He with his friend Dr. Watson has solved hundreds of cases.  So, what cases were these, how did he solve them? You will find it in these two books.

The font that has been used is very minute because there are hundreds of stories that they have to cover. So, as I say it’s for advanced level, do not forget that if you are an advanced level reader then you can definitely get a grasp of this book. However, if you are at basic, do not try it right now because you will be bored. On the other hand, if you are a huge fan of thrillers and you know storytelling then this is the book that you should start reading.

Bonus book

One question that is asked several times was, which book should I use to learn English grammar. So, the book that we personally suggest to enhance your English grammar is the English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy.

Remember, this book comes in three volumes. You have a basic, intermediate, and advanced level. So, you know your level. Find the book that is best for your level.  Whether, you want to buy intermediate, advanced, or the basic level of English, Raymond Murphy is the choice that you can make.

In short, you have five books along with the English grammar book so start reading from today, Undoubtedly, these books to learn English are the best choices who want to enjoy English learning. However, it depends on you that how much time you give to your skills. Furthermore, the command of English gradually increases. This is not an overnight game. So, give time, have patience and be passionate about what you want.

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