The 8 Best Electrical Engineering Books For Future Electrical Engineers

best electrical engineering books

A good electrical engineering book should be simple to read. It should also cover a wide range of topics, and have both practical and theoretical applications. We’ve created a selection of books for electrical engineering students as well as for those who have already graduated but want to enhance their education. If you are completely new to this field or want to increase your present knowledge, the electrical engineering books on our list will undoubtedly help you. So, let’s go and have a look at the best electrical engineering books.

Best electrical engineering books 2022

Microwaves are more than simply a kitchen device, as any electrical engineer knows all too well. Microwaves assist and control a variety of technologies that the current world may or may not take for granted. For any electrical engineer, this textbook by Pozar clarifies the unseen force of microwaves. It covers subjects such as power waves, active splits, network analysis, filters, and more. Furthermore, there are problems to test what you’ve learned at the end of each chapter.

‘Electrical engineers basic book’ is one of the most commonly searched terms for books for electrical engineers. This condition is precisely met by the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers. Surya Santoso’s handbook, which includes over 100 expert conversations, provides basic and not-so-basic rules for electrical engineers in the area. This book may leave a permanent hole in the bookshelf by lingering on the desk due to regular use. Moreover, it includes ideas like generation, power quality, material qualities, system protection, and measurements.

Discrete-Time Signal Processing by Alan Oppenheim is so often recommended and cited that the book is in its third reprint, although many devoted fans prefer the original. The book presents the principles of discrete-time signal processing by focusing on the broader universal concept of discrete-time linear systems rather than a specific technology.

The American Electricians Handbook is a must-have resource for any electrical engineer working in the United States when it comes to designing and installing electrical systems. It not only covers the fundamentals of functioning and installation, but also goes over labor guidelines in detail. The National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Safety Code have been updated for the 2021 version. There’s even a whole chapter on new safety protocols in it.

The Offshore Electrical Engineering Manual by Geoff MacAngus-Gerrard aims to provide “practical, ready-to-apply techniques that deliver quick and cost-effective benefits” to electrical engineers whose location needs a little more specialization. The book, now in its second printing, is aimed at professionals who operate in offshore facilities. Furthermore, it includes topics such as offshore power requirements and offshore electrical system design. Equipment, electricity distribution, insulation, and generators are also covered in the book.

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics is designed to be used in one or two-semester electromagnetics courses. Engineers can use it as a dependable reference as well. Moreover, it’s an excellent resource for self-teaching.

Anyone who wishes to improve in this subject uses this book all over the world. Semiconductors, materials, physics devices, and technology are all covered. Also, the book is well-organized, and the difficult subjects are clearly addressed.


Electrical engineering, like most engineering, is rife with minutiae and the exploration of theoretical notions that aren’t evident to the naked eye. Practical Electrical Engineering skims over the minutiae to concentrate on the fundamentals of electric circuits. It also covers basic electronics. Moreover, the writers have left out a lot of the intricacies, such as some high-level mathematics and theoretical proofs so that beginners aren’t overwhelmed. Though developed for electrical engineering students, it is a useful reference for most engineering students and professionals that work with electric circuits or must have a basic understanding of them.

These are some of the best books on electrical engineering. To read about the best mechanical engineering books, click here. For more articles, visit our website.


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