Highly-Engaging Books About the History of the Automobile Industry that Readers Can Enjoy

Automobile Industry

The books concerning the automobile industry’s history are worth reading for all the best reasons. Such books are an accumulation of a particular automobile brand or car construction along with the history of the automobile industry. When people read books about the history of the automobile industry, they can be thoroughly informed about what it took to establish the automobile sector. They shall also have a sneak peek into the overall history of the automobile sector.

The books talking about the origin story of the automobile industry are largely useful not only for the automobile industry professionals but also the everyday mechanics and aspiring engineers. Every literature piece narrates an interesting story.

Most Popular Books About the History of the Automobile Industry

Here are some of the best books about the automobile industry history that every reader will enjoy.

Honestly speaking, reading about car history gets even better when they come to interesting visual elements just like Classic Car: The Definite Visual History. The book’s real-like illustrations serve as a virtual tour of the vintage car designs belonging to the 1930s to the 1980s posh sports cars. Every photograph entails a detailed automotive history. Additionally, every page contains pictures to attract the reader’s attention and keep them glued till the end.

The premium-quality visuals followed by the detailed discussions on the car manufacturers, automobile accessories and production changes combine to make it a must-have book for every classic-car lover.

James Flink, the book’s author offers an interesting account of the first automobile culture. This is quite fascinating to read especially in this sweeping cultural history. James offers a critical insight into automotive technology and its development over the years. The book also continues to explore automobility’s social effects on both consumers and workers.

Of all other books on the automobile industry, Drive: The Definitive History of Driving is the best choice. The book begins with horseless carriages and continues to explore the first internal combustion engines. It also talks about the glitz and glamour that accompanies the concept of driving. It goes on to discuss the accessibility of cars and how it makes the world crazy.

 The book lists the popular luxurious cars hailing from the automobile industry’s golden age. You will also read about the world’s unexplainable fascination with hot rods, races and muscle cars as well.

People who love Porsche cannot afford not to read this book. Randy Leffingwell, the book’s author put in his ample efforts to ensure he represents Porsche aptly for every fan. It doesn’t matter whether you love the sleek 911 or you’re a 356’s fan, you will read about them all in the book. They all come with a comprehensive history and striking photographs.

 Additionally, the rare Porsche photographs that you get in the book are hard to find elsewhere. Since Porsche itself collaborated with the book’s author, readers can read through details and anecdotes about Stuttgart’s most influential designs.

Alfred P Sloan Jr started his career at General Motors. He didn’t realize that the automobile would offer the biggest industrial scope in the present times. The General Motors Corporation became the world’s largest corporation, solely because of Sloan’s excellent leadership.

Some books for the automobile industry come with attractive book covers. My Dad Had That Car falls under the ‘classic car’ book category. The author uses simple words in the books but has included a nostalgic vibe, therefore justifying the book’s subtitle. The book comes in around 1300 pages which include information on more than 10k American vehicles along with 12,000 interesting illustrations.

This book explores the automobile’s evolution process rather than being a simple anthology of vintage cars. It talks about how automobiles evolved from the initial prototypes to the present-day’s super-attractive supercars. The book also talks about the history of the drives. It boasts of technicolour catalogues and an international slant, offering an ocean of discoveries for car lovers.

Everybody loves fascinating about Volkswagen. And this is one of the books for the automobile industry that contains a comprehensive collection of the quirkiest car brand available on the market. What makes this book a worthwhile read is that it explores the VW models individually, giving a detailed insight to the avid Volkswagen enthusiasts. The book also helps you to understand what makes the German car discovery one of the greatest in the world.

Patrick Foster, the book’s author includes pages of illustrations and history detailing how the Jeep achieved its legendary position in the automobile industry. This is by far one of the most amazing books talking about car history, given how it talks about Jeep’s association with World War II and its reasons for launch. Unlike other automobile industry books, this one fascinates both automobile history fans and Jeep lovers.

Harley Earl’s story is more interesting than Henry Ford II’s. If you enjoy entertaining and engining books about car history, then this is your best option. This particular book revolves around General Motors’ examination and its effects on Detroit. Harley Earl wrote about the American dream, but you will be excited to learn about his origin presently, owing to the modern automotive industry’s state. The way the book highlights current affairs makes it the best read.

All of the mentioned-booked talks about the origin of the automobile industry. The books about the history of automobiles listed above are arguably the best. There is a book for everybody; car lovers, classic car fanatics, vehicle origin stories and more. 


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