Summary Of The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg

Power Of Habit

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg has a very beautiful and meaningful message for all of us. This book is a great motivational and inspirational self-help book such as Atomic Habits, The Four Agreements, and The Secret. In this post, we will tell you the summary of Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This book has nine chapters and is around 300 pages book and if you are somebody who wants to know how habit works, what is the habit loop and how you can transform your bad habits into good habits, and how willpower works in creating good habits, then this book is definitely for you. It has incredible illustrations and wonderful narration and this makes the book very engaging.


Published by: Random House Trade Paperbacks 
Publication Date: January 7, 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction, Autobiography, Business, Feminism
Format: Trade Paperback

Cue And Reward

To help us understand the concept better, though the author has given multiple examples in this book, we are going to talk about Pepsodent and P&G. So before 1929 or 1930, there was no habit of brushing teeth, and the credit for creating this habit and making this brand called Pepsodent popular goes to Claude Hopkins Claude. Hopkins was a master of advertising and he came up with this upper load of research. He came up with the concepts called cue and reward. So here, in this case, the cue was the unwanted substance in your teeth. Now you know brushing your teeth and there was a reward called sparkling and beautiful teeth. So the credit for creating this habit loop also goes to Claude Hopkins.


Now there is an addition to the earlier habit loop that we saw. In addition, there is a craving. P&G has this product called FEBREZ and let’s see how they came up with this product and how the habit of loop and the concept of craving helped them to make this product a success.

So one-day P&G chemist was working with the substance HPB city in his lab and when he went back home his wife greeted him with a smile. He was surprised because otherwise it used to smell like an ashtray and he immediately went to the sales executive of P&G and told them about it. They were really happy and then the product called FEBREZE was introduced and it was branded as something that will help you to get rid of the awful smell.

Power Of Habit

But somehow it didn’t work out because people were not trading for it. And after a lot of trials, research, and watching a lot of videotapes, they realize that one lady was using it as a room freshener. When they asked her she said that it was some kind of mini celebration after a lot of hard work and a lot of cleaning. She did it for 30 minutes and she was doing it every day and they realized that okay it was craving and it can be positioned as an air freshener and not as something that will help you get rid of the awful smell because people found finding it as a mini celebration and after that, the product was a big hit.

Keystone Habits

Now let’s talk about the Keystone habits. Keystone habits are those habits that have the power to transform your life completely. Here the author has taken the example of the Aluminum Company of America. By the way, this company manufactures the foil and the metal in the coca-cola can. The company appointed a new CEO and on his first day, he was supposed to give a speech. Everybody was expecting that he would give an introduction speech or he would talk about profits but he only spoke about one habit that was safety habits and everybody was surprised. They thought that he was crazy or he was intoxicated. And when later he was asked why he did that, he said that he can’t order people to change their habits but what he did was he attacked one particular habit that would have ripple effects.

So here targeting one habit that was a safety habit had a lot of benefits. The company grew five times and the growth was exponential and the ripple effects were that there were fewer injuries. Less people were taking leaves and because of that people were more productive and that was kind of a benefit for the company. So here the safety habit was a keystone habit for the organization that completely transformed the look of the company.

Keystone Habits In Our Daily Life

Similarly, we can have Keystone habits in our life, for example exercising. We all know that exercise will be followed by other good habits like eating healthy and sleeping on time. It will be followed by getting up early the next day. In this way, we will have a productive day. We will stay fit. Another example is reading books. So reading book also has a lot of other benefits like you will improve your vocabulary, and language. You will gain knowledge. It will help to improve your connectivity. There are so many benefits so you have to target one keystone habit.

Well, this was just a glimpse of it. The book has so much more to offer. The book also talks about Starbucks and the habit of success. It will also help you to understand about are responsible for our habits or not and so much more and we think this is definitely going to be worth your time. We would definitely recommend you to read this book at least once. We hope you enjoyed the summary of Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. For more book summaries, click here.


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