Summary of the book Me Before You

Summary of Me Before You

Me Before You is a romance novel. Jojo Moyes is the book author. The book was first published on the 5th of January 2012 in the United Kingdom. In this post, we will tell you the summary of Me Before You.

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Summary of Me Before You

Louisa Clarke has been working in a cafe for six years. However, the owner of the cafe decides to close down the café and Louisa is now unemployed. Now, she has to find a job immediately because her parents are not in a good shape financially. She applies to a labor exchange. She starts working a few jobs but she cannot work for long because none of the jobs are for her. Lastly, she finds a job as a nurse and she goes for an interview. Camilla Traynor’s son Will had an accident two years ago and he was left paralyzed. She is looking for a nurse for his son. Louisa is interviewed by Camilla Traynor and she is hired because of her lively and talkative personality.

Louisa is staying with her parents, sister, and her sister’s five-year-old son Thomas. She has a boyfriend for six years called Patrick. Her parents are not very happy with Louisa’s work but her paycheck is higher than normal and is just for six months. Louisa starts work and meets Will. There is another person besides Will, called Nathan, who helps him with medical care. Will does not talk to Louisa in the beginning. Louisa tries to talk to him but her efforts are not met. Will is unhappy because he is paralyzed and needs someone for everything that he does.

Louisa’s job is more of making Will happy than taking care of him. Louisa cannot succeed in that in the first days and thinks about quitting. But as days passed, Will started to warm up to Louisa. He starts to love her dressing style, behavior and thoughts. One-day will’s ex-girlfriend Alicia and ex-friend Rupert come. They tell him that they will get married. Will gets upset about it and he gets quiet for a while.

Summary of Me Before You

Louisa starts doing things that she has never done before with Will. She never watched a movie with subtitles before but she watches with Will and likes it. Louisa takes Will to the hospital for his checkups.

One day Will has a fever and Louisa does not notice it. When Nathan comes, he gets angry with her and explains what she has to do. At night because Camilla Traynor cannot come to the house, Louisa stays the night with Will. Although Will doesn’t want to shave for a long time, Louisa convinces him to shave and is successful in it. That day, Will’s sister Georgina arrives. Louisa hears Mrs. Traynor’s and Georgina’s talk. She learns that Will had previously attempted suicide and that his father saved him. She realizes that her job is to prevent Will from committing suicide.

Lousia learns that Will does not want to live, that’s why he wants to go to Dignitas in Switzerland to die. Euthanasia is legal in Dignitas. He made an agreement with his family and Will went to Dignitas six months later. When Louisa learns this, she feels fooled.

The next day, she leaves a letter saying that she quit her job and wants to go home. When Mrs. Traynor reads the letter, she goes to Louisa’s house and asks her not to quit the job and provide her with every opportunity she wants because Will loves her. He starts laughing with her. He starts doing things that he hadn’t done before with Louisa.

Louisa tells what happened to her sister. Her sister doesn’t want her to quit the job because she is considering starting college. She tells her that Louisa must do something to change his mind. Louisa likes this idea and tells Mrs. Traynor the next day. Although Mrs. Traynor doesn’t want much, she agrees.

Louisa and her sister begin research. They try to find out where they can take Will. Her sister starts college and moves out of the house. Louisa decides to take Will to a horse race but this plan is a fiasco. They have many problems because of wheelchairs. They can’t eat where they want and Louisa learns that Will doesn’t like horses at all.

After that, Louisa receives an invitation from her friend to a classical music concert. Louisa learns that Will doesn’t like classical music. She tells him that classical music is beautiful and he should go to this concert. Louisa also wants to go with Will. This time Louisa takes all precautions and goes to the concert so that everything goes well. During the concert, Louisa and Will get closer. The two also attend Alicia and Rupert’s wedding where they dance and flirt. Will tells Louisa that she is the only reason he wakes in the morning.

Louisa then persuades Will to join her on a vacation. Will, though, develops near-fatal pneumonia before they can depart. The Whirlwind trip is canceled by Louisa. She instead travels to the island of Mauritius. Louisa tells Will that she loves him the night before she returns home. Will thinks their time together has been amazing, but he can’t imagine being confined to a wheelchair. He will carry out his intentions as planned.

Louisa storms off, enraged and hurt, and does not speak to him for the rest of the journey. Will’s parents are pleasantly delighted by his good physical condition when they come home. Louisa, on the other hand, resigns as his caregiver, and they learn that he plans to terminate his life.

Louisa pays him a final visit the night before his trip to Switzerland. They both agree that the previous six months were the best of their life. He then travels to Switzerland, where he dies in a clinic not long after. And it’s revealed that he left Louisa a sizable bequest, allowing her to complete her schooling and live life to the fullest.

The novel ends with Louisa at the café in Paris, reading will’s last words to her in a letter that tells her to live well.

So, this was a summary of Me Before You and indeed, this is a heart-touching story.

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