The 12 Best Horror Books of All Time

Best Horror Books of All Time

Horror literature has been around for a long time, but it appears that horror in all of its forms has been on the rise in recent years. Perhaps people are understanding how pleasant it is to immerse themselves in a haunted story. They feel the surge of excitement and at the end, close the book, turn off the movie, or move away from that scary home. We have compiled a list of the best horror books, full of suspense and mystery to help you on your spine-tingling adventure. With so many options, you would think we would cover all of your favorites, but there are many other good scary stories too. So, we hope you will find some of your favorites here, as well as some new-to-you titles to add to your list. Now go ahead and start reading!

1.At the Mountains of Madness

It’s nearly hard to talk about modern horror without mentioning H.P. Lovecraft. His type of cosmic horror is based on man’s inconsequentiality in the face of supernatural creatures of incredible strength.

His writing has impacted lots of new authors who have followed in his footsteps. At the Mountains of Madness is the starting point for much of Lovecraft’s mythos. It tells a story of an arctic expedition gone tragically wrong after the discovery of a lost alien race known as the Elder Things. Unfortunately, no discussion of Lovecraft is complete without addressing his violent xenophobia, bigotry, and support for white supremacy.

The Bad Seed was an instant bestseller and a National Book Award finalist when it was first published in 1954.

It’s a terrifyingly believable and disturbing portrayal of Rhoda, an innocent little girl who always seems to be at the center of tragic accidents.

The novel’s unsettling and problematic center is her mother’s awareness that Rhoda may be the reason for the so-called accidents, as well as her potential role in it. Few other similar types of novels have matched The Bad Seed’s relentless build-up to its stunning climax.

It is one of the best scary stories books. The overwhelming emotional impact and a strong sense of dread that each page of Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize winner brings is tough to bear.

Beloved is, at its core, a classic scary story about a former slave who is plagued by supernatural troubles linked to a long-buried and horrific secret.

In a broader sense, it’s a study of guilt, the depths to which desperation may drive a person, and the psychological agony of slavery. Beloved is a powerful novel with a singular voice.

The film adaptation of The Woman in the Window, starring Amy Adams, was released in May of this year.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should read the novel first. You’ll be thrust into the mind of an agoraphobic woman who gets more than she asked for while observing her neighbors. It’s bloody, terrifying, and a page-turner.


Hell House is called one of the “scariest” horror stories ever written. It is the story of Rolf Rudolph Deutsch.

He is a rich magazine and newspaper publisher who, to put it bluntly, is going to die. When he begins to consider his coming death more seriously, he pays a physicist and two mediums to determine life after death.

The physicist travels to Maine’s Belasco House, which has been vacant since the 1940s, with the mediums. Barrett and his colleagues stayed in Belasco House for one night to discover why it has been named “Hell House” for years and years.

This horror novel includes a side of humor. So, if you’re looking for something scary but amusing, this 2021 released book is for you.

It’s about Remy and Alicia, a couple brought together by their love for Jen. Jen is Remy’s former coworker who quit her job to pursue her dream of becoming a jewelry designer.

 On a surfing trip, Remy and Alicia run into Jen, but their excitement is quickly overtaken by fear as things go horribly wrong.

The Haunting of Hill House is a 1959 horror story that inspired the Netflix series you’ve most likely already finished watching.

 It’s widely regarded as one of the best horror novels ever written. It’s set in a rundown haunted mansion (you don’t say) that’s visited by four strangers who’ve consented to participate in a parapsychological experiment.

“The Call of Cthulhu,” is a detective story turned horror film.

It is about an investigator who is drawn unintentionally into a world of prohibited rituals, lunacy, and monsters at sea.

This story, more than any other by Lovecraft, captures the pan-psychic terror of the old gods better than any other and gives the reader a taste of what happens when The Stars Are Right.

Stephen King has written many fantastic books, but Carrie was his debut and is still our favorite.

The best part is that the novel’s genuine horror isn’t what Carrie can do; it’s what she had to go through before it ultimately overcame her. It also features the most iconic dancing scene in cinema history.

The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward is a frightening horror novel about a scary, boarded-up house.

Isn’t it really a wow that how every horror story starts? Olivia, a black cat, and her owner, a man with many secrets, reside indoors.

The less you know about it, the better, but we can attest to how bizarre, fascinating, and heart-rackingly wonderful it is.

Mexican Gothic is a story about a young socialite who finds the numerous hidden – and horrifying – mysteries of a seemingly lovely estate in 1950s Mexico.

 It is written by the famed author of Gods of Jade and Shadow. Consider ghosts, brutality, and racism, and colonialism as themes.

Two priests are sent to examine a young woman suspected of being possessed by the demon. Isn’t it the Exorcist? No, it’s Ray Russell’s The Case Against Satan, a philosophical horror novel that came out eight years before William Peter Blatty’s.

The Case Against Satan is a mystical novel as well as a story about faith, and readers searching for a balanced perspective on both should check it out.

These are the best horror books of all time. You can choose according to your taste. These scary stories books are favorites of mine. These are the must read scary books, no doubt.

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