The 12 Best Mystery Books of All Time

The 12 Best Mystery Books of All Time

Fiction and science fiction novels take you to another world. Whereas, the horror, suspense and mystery novels are the ones that keep you in uncertainty till the last page. The best mystery novels have clever clues spotted throughout, bringing the inner detective from you. The best part is that you feel like you are solving a crime against the book, and you are not in danger, so who cares what happens? Here are the recommendations for the best mystery books. You’ll find the most recommended crime novels on our list according to your taste and nature. Let’s check this out.

Best Mystery Books

It is impossible to discuss mystery books without mentioning the great Agatha Christie. None of her other books have a story as well-crafted as And Then There Were None. This story is about ten people. They are brought together in an abandoned home on an island for various reasons. The strange party’s mysterious hosts are nowhere to be seen. They did, however, assign two of the ten to serve as housekeeper and cook. As the days develop in accordance with the words of a nursery rhyme, each invitee is compelled to face the music and confront the consequences of their difficult pasts. As the story progresses, they will all die one by one.

Since In Cold Blood is based on a real-life case that has already been solved, you would think that all the mystery has been taken out of it. This nonfiction book is undoubtedly one of the best-selling crime stories of all time.

Capote had been paying close attention to the investigation into a quadruple murder in Kansas. Before the killers were apprehended, he was conducting his own investigation. As a result, his tale is full of unexpected twists and turns – surely such terrible actions could only be imagined.

The Maltese Falcon is a story about Sam Spade’s search for his client’s sister and her unwelcomed boyfriend. When things go wrong and Archer is found dead, Spade and his business partner, Miles Archer, are to their conclusion. Spade continues his investigation into the sisters’ mystery while also becoming a suspect in his partner’s death.

Spade’s investigation introduces him, and you, to a global system he never expected to encounter. This is a true riddle that leaves you guessing as it is told without a single paragraph dedicated to the thinking of any of the characters.

Jane, a single mother, enrolls her son in kindergarten and befriends Madeleine and Celeste, two other mothers. Along with their friendships, they have a slew of family issues to deal with, ranging from ex-husbands to dark pasts. Jane is not aware of it. However, there is a piece of her past that precisely fits her into this odd puzzle. No one ever shows their entire domestic troubles to others, not even to friends. This aspect makes Big Little Lies so compelling.

The story takes readers to Ireland’s wooded outskirts. A 12-year-old girl is found dead there. The investigation is assigned to two detectives, Rob and Cassie. The case reminds the former of a tragedy that haunted his childhood – a mystery that occurred in these same woods. Rob’s past keeps coming back to him as they investigate the crime scene and question dysfunctional parents and friends, raising the issue of if it is connected to this tragic incident.

In the Woods is more than a mystery novel. It is haunting as it is intriguing. It’s also a moving story about family relationships and psychological trauma. This novel serves as a reminder of the value of growing up in a loving and safe environment. That’s why it is one of the best mystery books of all time.

Rachel Watson travels the train from her home to the city center every day. She spends a lot of her time looking at the same houses that pass her by to pass the time. She invents stories for the people she observes. Stories that are better than her own. Stories that are free of alcoholism and divorce. One day, Rachel experiences something that turns her from an ordinary observer to an active participant in the lives of those who reside on this particular street.

The Girl on the Train is another great mystery book that makes extensive use of unreliable narrators. Its intertwined views will have you questioning who the real danger in this domestic drama is.

Let’s read something similar. A passionate sibling drama unfolds in My Sister, the Serial Killer. Korede’s sister has a tendency of dating heinous individuals who force her to kill them “in self-defense.” Korede never questions or complains about it because she considers her sister a family member. Korede is willing to go to any length to defend her family. When Korede’s sister approaches a coworker she likes, she wonders how far she should go. Braithwaite’s work is darkly comic and as wild as the Lagos metropolis in which it is set. This is one of Oyinkan Braithwaite’s best crime novels.

If you’re seeking for a fantastic household thriller, Case Histories is the book for you. Prepare for three terrifying backyard tales: the abduction of a young child in one, the murder of a spouse in another, and the assassination of a solicitor’s daughter in the third. Kate Atkinson not only effectively explored each of these awful families’ anguish and loss, but she also expertly related them all – you’ll have to read to find out how.

The Detective is a classic when it comes to mystery literature. Many well-known films, like Die Hard, were influenced by Thorp’s work. A widow hires private detective Joe Leland to look into her husband’s death circumstances. As he investigates the complicated relationships of this man he happens to know from his battle days in World War II, Leland discovers facts about the victim that he never would’ve guessed.

Another legendary mystery novel is Killing Floor, which is packed with action and secrets. As soon as he enters the town of Margrave, former cop Jack Reacher is imprisoned for a murder he is certain he did not commit. Reacher’s main goal is to escape out of this disaster and continue his journey. He tries to persuade the investigating detectives that he is innocent. The stakes are raised, however, when he learns that his brother is involved in the mystery and that the murder for which he is wrongfully charged is not easy.

Cordelia Gray, a private detective, inherits her partner’s agency after their death, and she is forced to take on her first solo case. It’s as if Veronica Mars took place in the 1970s. It is full of thrill and suspense. It is a must read book for all those who love reading mystery stories.

If you enjoyed Big Little Lies, The Girl on the Train, and Little Fires Everywhere, you’ll like Ng’s mystery. In this story, a girl drowns in a pool, and her parents discover after her death that the life of their daughter was not as they had imagined.

These are the best mystery novels for all book lovers. I am sure, these books will provide you with promising content in terms of suspense, thrill, and emotions. Go and get your favorite one today.


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