The 12 Funniest Books of All Times

12 Funniest Books Of All The Time

Many people say no one can laugh while reading books? Is that true? People believe films, dramas, series can make us laugh. If is this the case with you then surely you are not reading the right books. Because, whether you want to or not, the best comedy books and rom-com will make you laugh out loud and proud. And when the days are packed with cheesy jokes and leftovers, what good moment to curl up with a funny novel than Christmas? A hilarious read makes a terrific stocking-filler, whether it’s for yourself or a dear one.

To illustrate our argument, we’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest book titles ever penned, certain to make you smile, chuckle, laugh, or titter, whether you’re in a library, on a train, or at home with your pet. These are the must read books for everyone.

Best Comedy Books of All Times

Daisy May Cooper has ascended to the top of the modern comic ladder for her co-creation of This Country, in which she portrays the fascinating nitwit Kerry Mucklow.

 Her first book relates the equally funny story of how she reached there — from working on the dole to becoming a Bafta-winning celebrity. But there’s also the lesser-famous Cooper, who struggled to gain fame while “staggering my way though adolescence like a pissed-up butterfly.” You know it’ll be fantastic.

It is one of the best funny reading books. Paddy McGuinness was sleeping in cars before he was racing them on Top Gear.

McGuinness journeys from a terrace in 1970s Bolton to great performances all over the world, from sleeping on a mattress carried in from outside and fighting to support his mother to hosting one of Britain’s most cherished shows in his first memoir.

My Lifey is filled with vignettes that demonstrate his trademark “wit and grit,” but it’s also full of honesty and sensitivity, making for an uplifting as well as funny read.

There’s plenty to make you laugh – and cry – about parenthood, but what about the moment before it, when you’re not sure if you want children, let alone try to picture having them?

Nell Frizzell, a witty writer, is in excellent form in this memoir about “The Panic Years,” as she so well puts it. Whether you’re a mother, a companion, a buddy, or a coworker, there’s bound to be something in here to make you giggle.

If you are looking for the best comedy books, must-read Funny Things About Minnesota.

We’ve certainly read enough books about the comedy scenes and movements that arose in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but this one is about the creativity that arose in the greater Minneapolis–St. Paul area throughout the 1970s and 1980s is a breath of fresh air. 

The humor of Louie Anderson and Joel Hodgson, which could only have emerged from a midsize, semi-isolated city, is celebrated and meticulously detailed in Strait.

Writing a narrative in the second person — in which the subject is actually “you” — is difficult and uncommon.

Sheehan commits to and develops the you-are-there and engaging notions to insane heights in I Am Not a Wolf.

The reader is a wolf in this story. The one who is passing for humans and living a happy, great life while constantly trying to keep its true identity as a wolf hidden at all times. It’s similar to a video game but much funnier and more enjoyable.

Former Big Brother participant who has since become a national treasure Alison Hammond has a devoted fan base for bringing humor into the safe sphere of daytime television (her interview with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford is legendary).

So it’s no wonder that her memoir is packed with laughs as Hammond takes on laughter’s impact on her life. She writes beautifully about the loves and disappointments that have shaped her life in this fascinating book, the reader is left with an alluring passion for life.

It sometimes feels as if celebrities are born to be famous: Mo Gilligan, indeed, is so inherently witty and funny that it feels as if he was meant to be famous. But, in this entertaining, often touching memoir titled Life Stories from Way Back Then, Gilligan tells about the incidents of his life that shaped him into the man he is now, long before his internet humor videos propelled him to national, then international recognition.

Gilligan narrates a lovely story of humor, careers, and community, from memories of childhood in South London and his school days to early comic gigs and learning how to deal with fame.

Given how pervasive social media and cell phones are in our lives, it’s surprising that they don’t generate more laughter.

In this scorching novel, John Boyne, a writer famed for his razor-sharp observation and crackling wit, has expertly blasted influencer and cancel culture, millennial image concern, and a world dominated by digital influence. You’ll giggle, then wish you hadn’t installed Instagram.

This book discusses the subject of fragile masculinity. In this sad and humorous novel, Joshua Ferris applies a fine touch to one of comedy’s most popular subjects.

When Charlie Barnes’ millennial son causes him to re-evaluate his Mad Men-era identity – newspaper and landline – through the eyes of his children, wives, friends, and business clients, he is forced to re-evaluate his life — with amusing results.

If you are searching for the best humor books of all the time, read Tales of the City. Armistead Maupin’s nine books, written and published over thirty years, are many things: heart-racing, revelatory, consoling, and revolutionary.

They are, nonetheless, really amusing. The expansive chosen families that were discovered and lost in San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ scene at a time of immense love, life, and tragedy are well-written in witty repartee and excellent observation. Begin with Tales of… and work your way through the rest.

Jilly Cooper’s writing is full of humor, but before she was frosting the Rutshire Chronicles with jokes about deception, sex, romance, socializing, and weekend trips, she was penning incredibly funny essays about the same topics.

Between the Covers is a wonderful joyous carnival of early-era Jilly.

Since Compton Mackenzie became a household name, comedy has gone through many variations, yet some types of humor never cease to be amusing.

Whisky Galore is a hilarious comedy about island life, smuggling, and, of course, the namesake whiskey. Even better, it’s based on a true story: when a cargo ship ran aground in 1941, 28,000 cases of whisky wound up floating around on the ocean.

Take Away

These comedy books are the great source of laughter. Readers love these funny reading books. Comedy and humor make you tension free. They develop sense of happiness and pleasure. I hope this post will help you out to find the best humor book for you.


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