The 7 Best Science Fiction Books for Everyone to Read

Best Science Fiction Books for Everyone to Read

If you love books, you know that they are more than just escapism. They encourage self-analysis, forcing us to think more deeply about the world we live in. Indeed, this is precisely what great science fiction and fantasy promise. In this post, we will discuss the best science fiction books of 2021. So let’s go and see what 2021 has brought for us in the sci-fi category.


Best Science Fiction Books 2021

Project Hail Mary is an incredible new science-based thriller from the number-one New York Times best-selling author of The Martian. A lone astronaut is tasked with saving the planet from calamity. On a dangerous last-ditch mission, Ryland Grace is the solitary survivor. If he makes a mistake, humanity and the Earth will collapse. Except he doesn’t realize that right now. He can’t remember his own name, much less the nature of his assignment or how to fulfill it. He only discovers that he has been sleeping for quite some time. He’s just awoken millions of kilometers from home, with just two dead bodies to keep him company.

He understands he is now faced with an impossible task with his crewmates gone and his memories hazily returning. It’s up to him, alone on this little ship cobbled together by every nation and space agency on the planet and launched into orbit, to save our species from extinction. But, thanks to an unlikely ally, he might have a chance.

Christopher Paolini’s latest epic novel, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, is fantastic. Eragon is his #1 New York Times bestselling novel. This is a book that everyone should read. Kira Navárez fantasized about life on other planets in her narrative. Her horror has barely begun. During a regular survey mission on a colonized planet, Kira discovers an alien relic. She’s overjoyed at first, but when the ancient dust surrounding her begins to move, her joy swiftly turns to horror.

As conflict erupts among the stars, Kira is propelled into a galactic voyage of discovery and transformation. The first encounter isn’t what she expected, and circumstances put her human knowledge to the test. Earth and its colonies are on the verge of extinction while Kira is battling with her nightmares. Kira may now be the last and greatest hope for humanity.

UFOs are now undoubtedly real. When Jason Ramsey discovers their sinister plan, his actions will either change the fate of humanity… or send him to his death. Unidentified is an enthralling page-turner. One describes the actual evidence that UFOs exist, while providing a mind-boggling fictional explanation for why.

Between 2017 and 2021, the US military admitted to having indisputable proof that UFOs exist and disobeyed physics. When famous science-fiction writer Jason Ramsey becomes obsessed with the topic, he embarks on an unrelenting quest to find what is truly going on. Jason invents a risky, desperate plan to get to the bottom of it all after recruiting Tessa Barrett. It is an exceptionally talented mercenary. The truth, however, is far more shocking, complicated, and terrible than anyone could have predicted. Furthermore, he has no idea who he can trust. Jason quickly realizes that there are only two things he can be certain of. He holds the key to the galaxy’s future and his chances of surviving the week are vanishingly small.

Unidentified is a brilliant thrilling novel with nonstop action, unexpected twists, extraordinary technology, and mind-boggling ideas.

(These UFOs are now known as UAVs or UAPs)

Dean Koontz, the #1 New York Times bestselling thriller author, has written an incredible novel. The story is both fascinating and terrifying. The world’s fate lies in the hands of a father and a daughter.

Jeffy Coltrane and his eleven-year-old daughter, Amity, have worked hard to preserve a regular existence on Suavidad Beach. Michelle, his wife, left him seven years ago. It’s a nice living until Spooky Ed, a neighborhood oddball, shows up on their doorstep.

Jeffy is tasked by Ed with concealing a mysterious and dangerous thing. He refers to it as “the key to everything,” and warns Jeffy against using it. 

However, after receiving a visit from a gang of ominous guys, Jeffy and Amity unintentionally activate the key, revealing an unbelievable truth. They can jump between parallel planes that are both familiar and new, wondrous and terrible, using the technology. Jeffy and Amity also can’t help but wonder if Michelle is just a mouse click away.

Furthermore, Jeffy and Amity aren’t the only ones who find the technology fascinating. Also on the search is a guy with a terrible agenda, seeking to harness the immense potential for evil. Their home may never be secure again unless Amity and Jeffy can outsmart him.

This is one of the best science fiction novels ever written. In 1973, the last top-secret mission to the Moon was launched. Three astronauts in a tiny spaceship, a quarter-million miles from home. A quarter-million kilometers away from help.

NASA is gearing up for the launch of Apollo 18. While the expedition has been billed as scientific, flight controller Kazimieras “Kaz” Zemeckis is aware that the mission has a darker purpose. A hidden Soviet satellite station spying on the United States has been discovered by intelligence. Apollo 18 may, however, be the only means to halt it.

While Kaz works to keep the NASA team one step ahead of their Russian adversaries, a fatal tragedy shows that not everyone involved is who they seem to be.

The White House and the Kremlin can only watch as their astronauts make touch on the lunar surface, far beyond the reach of law or rescue, with political stakes at an all-time high.

The Apollo Murders is unlike any other high-stakes thriller. It’s full with the intriguing technical detail that fans of The Martian appreciated, and it’s reminiscent of The Hunt for Red October’s gripping claustrophobia, turns, and tension. Chris Hadfield depicts the ferocious G-forces of launch, the frigid isolation of space, and the terror of clinging to the outside of a spacecraft orbiting the Earth at 17,000 miles per hour in this video. He writes as if the reader is experiencing all of these events in real life.

A library exists beyond the horizon of the universe. There are an endless number of volumes in this library, each telling the story of a different reality. One book is about your current life, while the other is about your previous life. The life you could have had if you had made a different decision at any point in your life. What if, instead of wondering how our life may have turned out, you could go to the library and find out? Would the lives of any of these other people be truly better?

Nora Seed is faced with this option in Matt Haig’s fascinating hit novel The Midnight Library. As she journeys through the Midnight Library, she must examine herself. As she considers the potential of changing her life for the better, she wants to decide what is truly rewarding in life and what makes it worthwhile to live in the first place. She also wants to make a job change in order to undo prior breakups and achieve her ambition of becoming a glaciologist.

Diana Gabaldon, the #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, returns with the latest novel in the epic Outlander series. Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall were torn apart by the Jacobite Rising in 1746. They didn’t locate each other for another twenty years. The American Revolution is about to accomplish the same thing.

On Fraser’s Ridge in 1779, Claire and Jamie are reunited with their daughter Brianna, her husband Roger, and their children. The Frasers had believed that reuniting their family was an unachievable dream. The impacts of war can be felt even in North Carolina’s wilderness. In the Colonies, tensions are running high. Furthermore, the local emotions are boiling hotter than Hell’s teakettle. Jamie is well aware that his tenants are divided, and that the war will soon arrive on his doorstep.

Brianna and Roger are worried that the threats that prompted them to flee the twentieth century will find them again. They question if exposing their family to the dangers of the 1700s—disease, famine, and looming war—was truly the safer decision.

Young William Ransom, not far away, is still coming to terms with the discovery of his real father’s identity, and consequently his own. Lord John Gray, on the other hand, has reconciliations to make and risks to face, both for his son and for himself. The Revolutionary War is encroaching on Fraser’s Ridge at the same time. Now that the family has reunited, Jamie and Claire are in more danger than ever.

These are the best science fiction books for every book lover. These books can engage anyone. Go and shop for your favorite one today.

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