The Must-Read Fantasy Books for You

The Must-Read Fantasy Books for You | best fantasy books

Are you a book lover? Looking for fantasy and fiction books? If yes, then you are at the right place because we have compiled the list of the best fantasy books of all time. No doubt, the fantasy literature allows readers to escape into another realm. So, are you ready to go into the other world? Let’s have a look at the most liked fantasy books and novels. You can also find suspense and mystery books here.

1.The Untold Story

The eighth installment of Genevieve Cogman’s fantasy series, The Invisible Library, is her most gripping yet.

Irene, the spies’ librarian, is plunging headlong towards danger. Her dangerous objective is to assassinate an enemy, and secrecy is essential.

But, despite her best efforts, many worlds are disappearing, and the Library may be to responsible. In order to find the truth, Irene must plunge into its deadly depths.

Osyrus Ward has conquered most of Terra in the third and final installment of Brian Naslund’s Dragons of Terra trilogy. However, he needs to add to his massive army of skyships and build a machine with the unimaginable power to complete the job and exterminate the dragons.

Bershad and Ashlyn, two fighters, are trying whatever they can to stop this, but Ward’s men have captured them in Dainwood. Bershad recalls his history of war victories, while Ashlyn uses her dark magic to combat the horrific forces forming around them. Will their united efforts, however, be sufficient to rescue the world?

It looked innocent enough when Ropa dropped out of school to become a ghostalker, a person who makes a profession by delivering messages from the dead to the living.

The dead, on the other hand, start gossiping about someone who is bewitching kids and turning them into unhappy husks.

Ropa will need to combine Zimbabwean magic and Scottish pragmatism when she begins her investigation. And what she discovers will forever impact her life. The Edinburgh Nights trilogy begins with this wonderful fantasy novel.

Since its first publication in 1865, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has generated plenty of versions, tales, and subtle to overt allusions.

It is taken as the gateway for fantasies in literature. This fanciful tale is wonderful to read as a youngster, with its crazy scenarios and incomprehensible vocabulary, and loads of fun to revisit as an adult.

Fitz, the illegitimate child of a would-be king, is followed from his childhood in a filthy stable to his adult life as a respected and feared assassin in Robin Hobb’s coming-of-age story.

Fitz’s story will entertain readers who are tired of standard fantasy protagonists because he is an odd kind of hero.

Katherine Arden’s Russian-inspired tale is going to become a new classic.

The story shows a little girl who can see the mythological monsters that live in and around her hamlet, much to her stepmother’s horror and that of the local Christian priest.

As the priest tries to persuade the villagers to abandon their pagan traditions, tensions build, but these fantastical creatures may be the only thing keeping them safe.

McKinley’s famous narrative of a lady discovering herself in a foreign culture has fascinated readers for decades, winning countless honors and awards.

Harry is an orphaned girl who is chosen as the King’s rider and the keeper of the Blue Sword, which has been held by no woman for ages. A terrific book for both children and adults.

In the third installment of Amanda Hocking’s Omte Origins trilogy, Ulla Tulin is on a mission to discover her past.

Ulla tries to reclaim her memories in time to face the result of opening the bridge to Alfheim, the forgotten First City, in this epic final quest. Could her forsaken ancestors hold the key to victory?

The Changeling is a warning drama written for the digital age.

Since their baby was born, Apollo’s wife has been behaving weird — but is it postpartum depression or something else?

The search for her and his child by Apollo is a modern journey that should not be missed.

Zafira and Nasir are determined to complete their task to restore magic to the kingdom in this thrilling sequel to Hafsah Faizal’s New York Times bestselling YA fantasy novel.

But time is running out, and sacrifices will have to be made if the order is to be restored.

Robert Jackson Bennett is a criminally underappreciated author, and his Divine Cities trilogy exemplifies this.

The first novel follows Shara, a diplomat, and agent who is on the trail of a killer in Bulikov’s former superpower when she comes into something even more terrible.

Countess Meliara and her brother Bran vow to their father that they will save their territory from the king, but when he passes away, that commitment turns into a war that they are unready to wage.

However, the war is only the start; when Mel is summoned to court, she will have to master a completely new set of combat rules.

This is another YA book, yet it may be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Bershad, an explorer forced to slay dragons for a livelihood after being caught trying to murder a fellow noble, is introduced in Brian Naslund’s first fantasy tale.

Bershad finds a solution for his imposed work and exile when the king who punished him provides him a way out, but it is difficult.

The first novel in the Dragons of Terra series, Blood of an Exile, is full of action and, obviously, dragons.

The second edition of this must-read fantasy series picks up after the events of Blood of an Exile, with dragon-slayer Bershad and his crew hoping to be strong enough to face what lies ahead.

A foreign emperor has descended upon the country, and he will stop at nothing to crush it and seize possession of its precious dragons.

In this intriguing fantasy novel, a sinister curse damages the village that Agnieszka calls her home.

The adjacent enchanted woodland has claimed many residents. The peasants rely on the protection of a dark wizard, but his safety comes at a horrible price.

Every ten years, a local girl must give up all to serve him, and Agnieszka is worried that her best friend Kasia will be the next one. When the magician arrives, however, he does not choose Kasia.

You didn’t realize you required a queer anti-colonialist own-voices shifter fantasy story until now.

Das’s prose is magnificent, perfectly counterbalancing the narrative’s darkness and brutality, in which werewolves prowl the Indian subcontinent.

The Invisible Library is Genevieve Cogman’s stunning first fantasy novel and the first in The Invisible Library trilogy.

Irene, a professional spy, and her intriguing assistant Kai work for the secretive Library. Their goal is to smuggle a hazardous book out of parallel London.

When they arrive, though, it has already been stolen… This alternate universe is riddled with the disorder, full of mysterious beings and unexpected magic, which only adds to the confusion.

The Dreaming Tree by C. J. Cherryh Cherryh’s Arafel tale, which is collected here in its first two volumes, is a masterpiece of Celtic-inspired imagination.

The Dreaming Tree depicts the Faery world and the connections between humans, fairies, and the Sidhe in a beautiful, melancholy light.


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