The Pact by Max Monroe Review

The Pact by Max Monroe

Review of The Pact by Max Monroe

Not everything that occurs in Vegas stays in Vegas, and to be honest, it’s probably for the best this time. In The Pact by Max Monroe, when Flynn Winslow decided to fly to Vegas for the bachelor party weekend of his brother Jude, he already expected there would be plenty of drunken drama, but he never imagined this trip to transform his life in such a profound way. However, something about the overly eager blonde at the slots drew his attention, and when he discovered her in a hissy fit, Flynn couldn’t help but give a solution to her troubles. After all, what better place for a shotgun wedding than Vegas?


“There will be a night, though. One wild, unexpected night in a seemingly predictable life where you, my sweet boy, will make a pact with a stranger from which there will be the great consequence.”

Finally, Daisy has obtained her ideal job of staging properties for one of the greatest realtor firms in the United States, so it’s fair to assume that she’s living her dream life until she remembers she forgot to renew her work visa and is now confronting deportation back to Canada. Daisy does something unexpected when her entire life falls apart around her and accepts a stranger’s insane hasty idea; after all, what other option does she have excepted to marry Flynn? Daisy had no idea she’d have to pair up with her new spouse so that their relationship looks genuine for immigration purposes, much alone start to fall in love with him and his wacky family. Will Daisy flee or will Flynn be successful in convincing her to stay when the truth of everything hits her?

“God, Daisy. Do not fall in love with your contractually bound, marriage-pact husband.”

Max Monroe has always been one of my favorite authors; this dynamic combo consistently produces a delightfully gushy read that keeps you engaged until the very end! As an admirer of the arranged marriage concept, this book was totally up my alley and more! We get a fair mix of good chuckle family banter, a lot of steam, and an oh-so-sweet finish in typical Max Monroe flair.

“Truth is, I’m starting to think certain parts of me might never forget Daisy.”

Daisy was a delightful character to watch; I adored how lively she was and how she could babble on for days on end! She was the ideal counterbalance to Flynn’s quiet attitude. These two created a great team, and their chemistry was off the charts! I have to mention that I admired how easily they transitioned into married life. Daisy fit in with the rest of the Winslow family, which I appreciate. Daisy’s nervously funny first family dinner, oh, this was pure comic gold, and the Flynns’ casual mood simply added to the comedy!

“The truth is, I think I fell in love with Daisy the first moment I saw her. Some part of me offered to save her because, deep down, I knew she’d save me.”


I knew from the beginning of Gotta Have Fate that following the Winslow brothers as they fall in love would be magical, and I can confidently say that Flynn has won my heart with his subtle grumpiness. I adored Flynn and Daisy’s chemistry, and how she brought out a more chatty part of him in him. Even though he appeared to be a silent broody biker, Flynn was a genuine softie, and I admired his family bond and how they always played such an important role in his life. In terms of his connection with Daisy, oh my goodness, this was a sizzling delight! I appreciated how well they complemented each other and how well he understood how to make her feel better.

How could the supporting characters in this novel not be fantastic when you’re discussing the Winslow family? I enjoyed how important family was in this novel, and how Daisy fit right in with all of their craziness. Flynn’s friendship with his brothers is also adorable , as well as their amusing text threads. I can’t wait to read Ty’s narrative in The Secret; knowing Ty, it will undoubtedly be a page-turner!

With a mix of gushy sweet and chuckle moments, The Pact was the ultimate false turned true romance. You’ll adore following Flynn and Daisy as they fall in love for the first time.

Book info

In The Pact by Max Monroe, you will find Romantic Comedy, Marriage of Convenience, Opposites Attract, Steam Packed, and Dual POV.

Publication: November 13th, 2021 | Max Monroe LLC | Winslow Brothers #2


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